Design & Craft

Created and designed by Kelly Bhopale, our signature handbags are handmade in Italy. We craft our bags using only the highest quality fabrics, sourced directly from Italy and France. 

When Kelly gets inspired by she sketches to get the ideas flowing. Then she creates miniatures handmade bags in paper to see how the 3D version would look like. That also helps her test functionality and develop one-of-a-kind closures and constructions. 

"I do not want something that is just fashion, I also want it to be functional."

- Kelly Bhopale

Bespoke Textiles and Accessories

These luxurious leathers, silks, cane, and hardware pieces are curated from France and Italy. Each piece used to make our bags is hand selected to create the highest quality product possible. Kelly Bhopale designs are timeless both in design and construction.

Artisanal, Heirloom Quality Production

Working in partnership with a bespoke manufacturing studio, Kelly and the team transform the miniature paper models into custom patterns. Every bag is hand made to order in Italy with passion in every stitch. Kelly oversees every bag to ensure nothing but the best for her customers.